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Server Support & Monitoring

In many small businesses, the servers which are critical to the business are rarely checked or monitored leaving the potential for problems to develop undetected. One of the most common problems on a server is a failed hard drive. Smart businesses have servers with redundant components so in the event of a failure the server continues to function as normal. However, if the failed component is not detected and replaced and the redundant component then fails some weeks or months later the results could be disastrous.

The key to a reliable network is to monitor your server constantly for unusual activity and error messages. Our proactive server monitoring software monitors your server and network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If any problems are detected it immediately generates an alert allowing us to investigate and resolve them before they become more serious. In some cases it can even take corrective action automatically and inform us of the action it has taken.

Our server monitoring software carries out dozens of checks on your server daily. These checks include:

  • Checking status of critical Windows services
  • Checking server disk space
  • Checking server processor and memory utilization
  • Checking hardware health
  • Checking server error logs
  • Checking server security logs
  • Checking server antivirus logs

It also produces statistical graphs showing server performance over the past month. These can be used to monitor performance trends allowing you to see how server usage grows over time and to budget for server upgrades.

If you’re concerned about your server, we offer a full computer network health check covering all your PCs, servers, backups, firewalls, etc. This will highlight any immediate problems with your server as well as the rest of your current network setup as well as identifying potential concerns that could cause future security issues or reliability problems. Please call us at 833-460-2300 or fill out the form to the right to book your free network evaluation now.

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