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Cloud Backup for Business

We are all aware of the risks that data loss pose to businesses.  Small businesses are particularly vulnerable to these risks since their budgets are often tight and backup systems are rarely given the attention they deserve. Even businesses that regularly check that their backups completed rarely verify these by carrying out a test data restore.  Many small businesses also don’t realize that it is often very labor intensive to restore an entire server from backup in the event of a complete server loss.  It is therefore rarely practical to carry out a test restore of an entire server.  If the worst should happen and it is not possible to restore a server from backup for whatever reason it would have severe consequences for most small businesses.

One of the most difficult backup problems many small businesses have is keeping an updated backup offsite.  This is critical for disaster recovery but is often either overlooked or difficult to manage on a daily basis.

Our cloud backup for business has been designed to overcome these limitations.  Restoring individual files and folders is easy and even restoring the entire server is a very straightforward process.

We will take care of implementation and ongoing management and monitoring of backups so that you no longer need to worry about the safety of your data.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Continuous Data Protection for your business critical data and servers.
  • Backups can be taken of your server as often as every 15 minutes with backups automatically being transferred offsite to our data center.
  • Backups are automatically compressed and encrypted before being transmitted to ensure the security of your data.
  • Files, folders and even the entire server can be restored to a specific point in time quickly and easily.
  • Local onsite backups are maintained in addition to offsite backups to minimize the recovery time of individual files and folders.
  • Test restores of individual files, folders and even a test restore of your entire server can be carried out offsite in our office without affecting your live server.
  • Backups can be recovered to new and different hardware in the event that your server has failed or even stolen.
  • Minimal management of the backups is required.  The entire server and all its data is automatically backed up, including any new data.
  • Online backup is also available for PC’s and laptops which includes all the benefits and recovery capabilities of the server backup.

We are happy to provide a cloud backup evaluation to any business in the DFW area. Please call us at 833-460-2300 to book your cloud backup evaluation now.

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